Create Custom

Online HR Forms

with Sage HRMS HR Actions®

Sage HRMS HR Actions® by Delphia Consulting transforms HR by automating the collection, approval workflow and entry of employee data into Sage HRMS.


Simplify How You

Calculate Garnishments

with Sage HRMS Garnishment Manager

Garnishment Manager makes it easy and cost effective to manage your garnishment calculation and disbursement with Sage HRMS Payroll.


Sync Sage HRMS and

Active Directory

with Sage HRMS Active Directory Conduit

Active Directory Conduit is your IT professional's best friend. Keep the changes you make in Sage HRMS synced with your directory in Outlook and Exchange.

Solve Complex

Time Import Issues

with Sage HRMS Time and Labor Import

Relieve payroll staff of tedious, time-consuming and often error-prone tasks of preparing and entering time.

Time and Labor Import for Sage HRMS

Peace of Mind.

In-house Payroll.

with EmpowerTax™ Interface 

EmpowerTax™ Interface lets you keep payroll in-house with Sage HRMS and takes the worry out of filing your taxes.



Maximize the power of Sage HRMS

Plug-ins for Sage HRMS are utilities for the Sage HRMS platform that allow HR and payroll professionals to do their jobs easier, faster, and better. They crack the code of solving everyday problems, both big and small. They handle time-consuming administrative tasks. They bring you and your staff peace of mind.